Third Party Intervention

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Active Fleet Solutions operate an extremely effective Third Party Intervention scheme where the client driver is at 'At-Fault'. If costs are to be controlled an efficient and speedy TPI scheme is vital to avoid the risk of credit hire and credit repair.

Active Fleet Solutions provide the TPI 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This, together with the professionalism and dedication of our intervention team, allows us to achieve an industry leading capture rate, often in excess of 80%.

The Third Party will be offered all the relevant services necessary to allow their vehicle or property to be returned to it's pre-accident condition, at no cost or inconvenience to themselves.

Depending on the circumstances, clients can obtain an immediate cost saving through avoiding having to pay Credit Hire and Repair rates. Clients will receive a consolidated VAT invoice for each incident to be processed through their records and where required, a copy sent to their insurers Should intervention be declined, for whatever reason, we refer the case to our in-house Third Party Claims Defence to continue to control the cost exposure to our client.

Customer Feedback is important. We strongly believe in providing exceptional levels of customer service which is why we measure our performance with the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS).

Not all incidents are problem free or without the occasional issue. However the vast majority of incidents processed by the Operations Co-ordinators make our customer feel special. The CSS allows us to scrutinize the feedback and implement best practices for our continuous improvements programmes.