Third Party Claims Defence

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Our Third Party Claims team receives correspondence directly from Third Party representatives where our client is allegedly deemed, 'At-Fault', for the accident.

All correspondence received from Third Party representatives are uploaded into our in-house system, Activenet within 72 hours of receipt, and the case file is then subject to an indemnity check to ensure that the Third Party allegations are correct.

Each claim is assessed to highlight any key fraud indicators and screened through an industry recognised database for historic fraudulent activity, this then ensures any claims arisen from staged accidents are not paid by our client or their insurers, but instead are referred to a fraud investigation team.

Outlay for each claim is assessed to ensure that all unnecessary costs are removed to reduce client outlay paying particular attention to credit hire/repair cases where excessive costs can be incurred.

We proactively pursue the Third Party for outlay and settlement agreement to keep the claim cycle to a minimum from both a cost and a time point of view. This allows us to achieve significant savings compared to the original demands.